Three favourite walks…….the outward journey is the same as far as (!!**!!) for each walk.

Walk 1. Greenbank to Rosthwaite Heights. (2 – 2 ½ hours)
Walk 2. Greenbank to Winster House and Roper Ford. (1 – 1 ½ hours)
Walk 3. The Winster Round Walk. (3 – 3 ½ hours)

1 mile = 1.61 kilometres
100 yards = 91 metres

Greenbank - Lake District Walks

Turn left out of the driveway and walk 150yds to the layby on the LHS of the road.
GPS Grid ref. SD4222 9243.
Take the footpath into the field and head downhill, crossing the beck at the bottom.
Walk straight ahead for 100 yds over a small hillock, then look for a sheep trod heading diagonally uphill to your right, or follow the sheep trod to your right along the valley bottom and look for a large wall gap to your left which will allow you to turn left and head uphill.
At the top, cross grazing land to join a tractor track…turn right onto the track and follow it until you reach the lane (opposite Bryan House Farm).

(At this point, for a short walk, you could turn right and follow the lane past the old school and Winster Church (well worth a look inside) until you join the A5074 after about ½ mile.
The Brown Horse pub is right in front of you across the road.)

To continue on your route however, turn left onto the lane and after 100yds turn right onto the private drive to Winster House…it is marked as a footpath.
Follow this driveway as far as it goes, passing in front of Winster House and then bearing left round the end of the extremely beautiful barn. GPS Grid ref. SD 4100 9234.
Continue uphill , through a couple of gates, until you emerge at the top onto a wide track.
GPS Grid ref. 4085 9282 (!!**!!) Remember this spot, you’ll need it again in the next two walks.

Walk 1
Greenbank to Rosthwaite Heights

Turn left and almost immediately (about 20yds) look for a footpath heading across the fell to the right (yellow arrow marker).
Walk through this newly planted woodland in a generally westerly direction, pass through a gate and continue ahead, ignoring a left fork, until you reach a small established wood. Go right, through a gate (north) onto the path following the woodland edge.( If you reach a metalled road before turning right, you’ve gone just too far. )

Cross 2 broadwalks, pass through a gate and cross a dog friendly stile to reach a finger post. Continue ahead to reach the sumit of Rosthwaite Heights, a lovely viewpoint overlooking Lake Windermere.
The summit is marked by a cairn GPS Grid ref. SD 3965 9303.
On leaving the viewpoint, retrace your steps to the finger post. Turn left downhill ( going a little east of north) and where the path forks take the right hand track heading for Rosthwaite Farm.
The gate may be locked, in which case you (and your canine companions) will need to negotiate a low stone stile (best approached from its right hand side).
Pass between the farmhouse and pond and take the path to your right up through established woodland (Spring Wood) to the top of the hill.
Pass through a gate at the edge of the wood and follow the path ahead uphill in the direction of High House Farm, over the crest of the hill, passing a finger post for a permissive path.
Where the path re-joins the wide track turn right and you will soon be at (!!**!!).
Retrace your route home from your outward journey.
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Greenbank - Favourite Walks
lake district walks - rainbow
Walk 2
Greenbank to Winster House and Roper Ford

As for walk 1 as far as (!!**!!), having turned left onto the track, walk for about ½ mile past a delightful tarn on your right.
Continue ahead (west of south) on this track until you reach a single track road onto which you turn left., after about ½ mile the road forks, take the left fork down a long hill to Roper Ford .
At this point you have three options for your return route……
1) before crossing the ford turn left onto the footpath across the fields.
2) Cross the ford and go left along the lane back to Bryan House Farm.
3) Cross the ford and look for a style taking you onto the footpath which goes over the hill. Follow this footpath with a stone wall on your right across two more styles and you will emerge above the house, follow the footpath across the beck and back up to the road.
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lake district walks - view

Walk 3
Winster Round Walk

As for walk 1 as far as (!!**!!), turn right (north) onto the wide track and head for High House Farm. When you reach the back entrance to the farm (SD 4111 9376) do not go into the farmyard, but continue on your bridleway bearing slightly left through a series of gates and keeping the field wall on your right.

After about 300 yds through a lightly wooded area, the bridleway bears right between 2 walls to a kissing gate onto the A5074.
Cross the road carefully and join a rough track immediately opposite.
Continue along this track, crossing a single track road, until it peters out into a green lane. Carry on up this path as far as it will take you and when you reach a road after about
1 ½ miles, turn right and then after about 100 yds bear left..
Continue on this single track lane until you come to a sharp left hand bend (signed Bateman Fold), do NOT go left, instead, carry straight on onto a track.
Carry on downhill until the junction with another track, go right past 2 caravans on your right, through a wide gate to the right of a barn and onto a bridleway. Continue uphill and over the fell top passing a tarn on your left. Make your way downhill to the A5074.
Either turn left to go directly home (although this road is not ideal for walking on), or cross the road and take the next section of Bridleway over towards Bryan House Farm and home across the fell, or turn right for the Brown Horse.
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